If I had to sum up 2016, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of all sorts! But here are a few things that I learned:

I MUST TAKE CHANCES –  “You can’t hit if you don’t swing “ – Pastor Keith Craft. I’ve  learned that, even if I fall flat on my face, I will no longer stay on the safe side of the fence. I’d rather be bruised trying, than not try at all. That applies to all areas of life!

I’M BRAVER THAN I THINK –  “If I can jump out of a perfectly good plane, I can do anything!” – After officiating Nick and Tori’s skydiving wedding, my life was changed! I now see challenges and fear through different lenses! (Thanks, My Person) I’ve learned to seize the moment and not over think things.

I was talking to a friend about life and he said, “You must look at life like that sky diving moment… it was the most thrilling moment, but just a moment. Some things or people are only meant to be for that moment!” Very insightful.

I also learned to face my fears!  It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  But it taught me that I’m braver than I give myself credit for.  So, I went back to Crossfit!  J

LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY –  “To love people for who they are and where they are in their journey” – I don’t fit in anyone’s perfect box! God has given me so much diversity that it’s impossible to fit me in a box. Why fit others in a box? God is the authorized signor of our lives and has the last word! Period. And….He’s not finished with us yet

TRUST –  “When one door closes, another one opens” – sounds cliché, but it’s TRUE. I saw the pain my daughter went through when her beauty school closed. My heart ached for her. SHORTLY after, she was accepted to a much more reputable school, Toni & Guy, has made amazing new friends, is well into her career and is happier than I’ve seen her in years!

I KNOW it’s hard to trust when a closed door breaks your heart, crushes your dreams or takes your breath away, but God DOES have our life in HIS hands! T R U S T H I M. Take a deep breath and trust HIM.

HE DOES ANSWER PRAYER – “Not always how we want, but HE does answer”   When we say YOUR will be done and not mine, we must be willing to accept HIS leading.  This year brought so many surprises, endings and beginnings, closed chapters, shut doors, open doors, etc… through it all, God wasn’t silent.  I wish I could be more keen to HIS voice, since I’ve drowned it far too many times with my OWN, but HE continues to lovingly lead me.  For that, I’m thankful.

I DON’T PARENT ALONE –   When I see how God has put HIS hand upon my children, I’m humbled and speechless.  It’s time for them to write their own story and their own chapters with God. My role is to love, support, guide and watch God do what HE does best.  They belong to HIM, I’ve only been entrusted as their MOM J  I’m so proud of them.

Happy New Year!