When we resource ourselves, we are empowering our mind, body, and soul to reach unlimited potential.

  • What piques your interest?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What new skills would you like to learn?

Take the time to read a book that specializes in that area.  Attend a workshop or take an online course that will equip you.

Back in 2015, I shared a podcast titled, “When prayer is not enough!”

The title caused a few raised eyebrows, but surely I didn’t mean that God is not enough, but that just prayer is not enough.  Oftentimes, we mistakenly believe that all we have to do is pray and leave it at the altar.   Yes, I do believe in miracles, but I also believe that God has provided resources to make us better.

  • If it’s a marriage issue, there are plenty of helpful resources available to enrich your marriage, including counseling.
  • If it’s a parenting issue, read a book on parenting by a recognized professional.

Knowledge is power!  God has given us a great mind.   Let’s feed it right. 

In my 20-plus years of counseling and life coaching, I have discovered that many of the issues faced could have been avoided by taking time to enrich and empower our thinking.

“Don’t wait ’til you have to fix it!” – Diana 

If you are struggling in an area and are having trouble overcoming a hurdle, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.  We recommend reading material and/or life coaching packages suitable to your needs.

You don’t have anything to lose other than ‘your hurdle’.

With much love,

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