What does empowered mean to you? 

The word empowered can mean different things to different people, depending on their personal experience or journey.  

Today, I’d like to share what empowered means to me!  

My heart resonates with the expression of the Apostle Paul when he says, “When I am weak, then I am strong.”   Almost sounds like an oxymoron, but in reality it’s not.  It is the supernatural truth from someone that experiences his greatest strength at his weakest moments, empowered by Jesus! 

We often associate the word “empowered” with the appearance of success, but being empowered can also be during the times that you least feel successful or in control, and you surrender total control so the Lord can direct your paths. 

I recently had a conversation with a very wise friend and confessed that I didn’t know what total surrender meant anymore because I have been navigating so many areas of my life on my own!   Juggling life, career, family, finances, health, etc… trying to figure out the pieces like a very complicated puzzle.  He wisely told me that total surrender is trusting that He cares about every little aspect of those areas and prayed for complete release.   It sounded simple at the time.  Shouldn’t I know this?  

Well, let me tell ya!  This simple truth, unleashed a lot of expected and unexpected turn of events.  It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride, to say the least.  And just in case I had any question, he recently sat me next to a pastor on the plane, and before we got off, he told me,  “Sit back and watch God take care of you!” 

Some people have all their ducks in a row, and you have my total admiration for that.  Mine happen to be all scrambled right now!   But they are my ducks and with God’s help, they will be aligned!  Darn it! 

Not sure what empowered means to you, but keep in mind that Jesus is mindful of every area of your life and He doesn’t miss a beat.  I can share story after story of how he has looked after my family and I.  So, I encourage you to keep your eyes set on HIM and be empowered by His leading. 




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