This is a spontaneous video!  I had a word in my heart to share and didn’t wait for a team.  I just picked up the mic and made sure to share this message with you!   Isn’t that how spontaneous God is with us at times? 

Enjoy this reminder that GOD DOES ANSWER prayer!  He is never late, nor does He slumber.  He has your life hidden in the palm of His Hand and knows exactly when and how to answer.   In this brief video you will hear about how Daniel’s prayer was answered and the delay he experienced.  By having an inner position of expectation, we will receive that which we are waiting for!

I’m confident this will speak to your heart and may speak to the heart of someone you know.  Share this with a friend that may be growing wearing of waiting and needs a kind reminder of His faithfulness! 

Look out for new programming as my new book will be released soon –

No Filter Needed, Shortcuts to Becoming an Influencer