LACE UP AND SHOW UP-2The hardest part of chasing purpose is lacing up and showing up!

  • How do you get started?
  • How do you overcome fear, doubt, low self esteem?
  • Will you want to quit? – yes.
  • Will you feel the pain? – yes.
  • Will your mind play games and try to talk you out of the finish?  – Absolutely, yes.

The life changing, key component to chasing purpose, is determination!  Determination is a powerful force.  It will take you from doubt, fear, pain, low self-esteem to chasing purpose with an inner fortitude beyond your comprehension.

You will need to get to a place of hunger for your dreams, purpose and vision.  A place where nothing else will satisfy your soul other than fulfilling your God given purpose.  We are all born with a gifting and purpose in our life.  It is our job to define it and go after it.

  • What will it take for you to go after it?
  • What is the one dream you have shelved for lack of determination?
  • Is it a business?
  • Is it a fitness goal?

Whatever your dreams are, it’s time to lace up and show up!

Don’t spend another day letting your dreams and hopes slip away.  Take the time to access if you really want to leave this beautiful planet without ever giving it your best!

Steve Harvey says it best!  Watch this video and let me know how I can help you chase your purpose.

It’s time to lace up and show up.. we have work to do!

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