Never underestimate God’s mathematical skills.  When He divides and subtracts, it is usually because He is ready to add and multiply!  This sounds like a catchy phrase and to be honest, I was pretty blown away when He shared that with me during a painful moment.  But the truth behind it is far from just a catchy phrase.  It is a mathematical move that may cause some temporary despair or pain in order to fulfill His purpose and objective in our life.  

When we pray and surrender our will to God, He absolutely takes us serious.  We don’t have to tell Him twice to get things done!  He strategically makes moves to answer our prayer, according to His purpose in our lives.  The caveat to that is He will do it with our best interest in mind and that may not always align with our personal feelings and desires.  His divine purpose supersedes our feelings!  He may have to “divide and subtract” some things from our life in order to accomplish His plan.  And that, my friends, can be painful.

Divide means separation.  Separation from what?  Separation from anything or anyone that does not fulfill your divine purpose.  It may be a career move, a business venture, a toxic relationship or even a family member that impedes our growth.  Anything or anyone that has latched themselves, sucking you dry of your inner strength and spiritual energy.   That may sound harsh, but when you believe what the Word of God says, “The enemy ONLY … comes to kill, steal and destroy“ you realize he works behind the scenes to warp what God has created.  Take a moment to assess how this weasel has sucked you dry.  It may seem innocent at first, but analyze what is drawing you further and further away from God’s purpose in your life.  It may simply be long hours at work or as complex as being entangled in a relationship that is not God ordained; not limited to a romantic relationship.  It can be a friendship or business relationship.   I don’t need to make a list of examples, you can assess for yourself.  You know what is not working in your life.  You know what is dragging you down.  You may want to put a little sugar on it just to make it more palatable, but I assure you, friend, God does not sugar coat.  He loves us with a fierce love and will stop at nothing to save us from ourselves.  Marinate on that.  

Subtraction means removal.  Sounds very similar to separation, but it’s not.  Separation is just distance or adjustment to the current situation to make it healthy.  For instance, separation may just require healthy boundaries.   Removal is complete elimination.  There are areas of our life that have no repair, no bandwidth for adjustment, no solution or options, but to be completely eliminated from our life in order to grow and reach our divine purpose.  That can be as simple as eating the wrong foods that are causing an illness or as complex as being in a toxic relationship or business venture.  Only you know what that area is and quite possibly, you may not even know the severity of your situation, until God steps in and completely removes it.  He is a GOOD, good Father and He sees far beyond our limited capacity.  He sees everything about you and is fierce in loving you beyond measure.  Trust me when I say, that if He removes something from your life, it is for your absolute best.  It may not feel that way at the beginning, but as His plan begins to unfold, you will want to send God the biggest thank you letter!   

In 1995, I had the absolute worst gall bladder attack.  I was dealing with gall stones during my pregnancy of my youngest daughter, Raquel.  I was 36 weeks and in the middle of the night, got a gall bladder attack.  The pain was severe, worse than labor.  I was rushed to the ER and hours later, the doctor decided to induce my labor.  I can’t express enough the pain I was in.  After hours of labor, my precious daughter was born, only to discover that God had saved her life!  She had less than an hour to live when she was delivered.  The umbilical cord was detached and the placenta completely ruptured.  NO ONE was aware of the danger she was in, but GOD.  She was declared a MIRACLE BABY!   Had I not come to the ER with the gall stone pain, I would have lost my baby overnight at home.  My God!  God was strategically using the gall stone pain to get me to the hospital in order to save my daughters life!  To this day, it still brings me to tears, even as I write this.   

Who is to say that the pain you are living today may not very well be your saving grace?   God will never spare your feelings or pain in order to save you.  Your well being is His priority and He’ll strategically orchestrate the process to rescue you from yourself or whatever situation is endangering your destiny.  My friend, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!  It’s part of God’s mathematical skills.  Not to hurt us, but to give us a hope and a future.  

Trust His process.  Trust His mathematical skills.  I assure you, that if He divides and subtracts, He will also add and multiply!  

With much care, 


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