The Inner Fortitude to Fight for YOU! -By Rachel Bailey

The is a riveting account of Rachel’s journey and process to freedom!

Few times in life do we get to meet people that have fought wars that we are so unaware of.

This amazing young lady, exemplifies the courage it takes to make a change and the inner fortitude to rise up and fight for yourself!

If you don’t do it, who will?


The hardest part of chasing purpose is lacing up and showing up! How do you get started? How do you overcome fear, doubt, low self esteem? Will you want to quit? – yes. Will you feel the pain? – yes. Will your mind play games and try to talk you out of the finish?  –…

Harness Your Potential- by Matt Gideon

What if I told you there is only ONE thing that separates you from reaching your full potential. What if this ONE thing can lead to the biggest tragedy or greatest success imaginable. Most of humanity lives comfortably somewhere between these two extremes. “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here…

Vehicles that drive you – by April Gideon

When I was little, I remember in Elementary school we were often asked to write a paper on the topic “When I grow up….” The pressure of jotting down my role in life always filled me with anxiety. I was just a child,  I hadn’t yet figured out what I wanted to be when I…