I wish I could say that every day of my life has been spent in courage, but I can’t. I wish I could say that my faith has always been Abraham strong, but I would be misleading you. What I can say is that my fear and brokenness are nothing but smoke against the powerful grace of Jesus. What I can say to the hurt and all the pain today is “Bring it On!”

Through years of leading women through disruptions in life, the Holy Spirit has taught me to be bold in my own disruptions. Loss, grief, and insecurities are crippling at times, but I have learned to set my eyes on my Heavenly Father and this book is the result. Bring It On!

It confronts what keeps you from being bold.

It will disarm your insecurities, the need to be perfect, and the lies of the enemy with the Word of Jesus Christ.

It will set you free from the fear of life’s disruptions, and you will know that Christ is your rescue. Christ is ready. So, Bring it On!



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