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I read this post on Facebook and decided to ask Cody for permission to share it on my page. The reason I asked is because of his newfound perspective. Divorce not only sucks, but it’s one of the most painful experiences. After the dust settles, we have a much better perspective of how things happened and why. Cody’s post is his perspective and shares some truths that many others should hear. – Diana Acosta

Divorce sucks, again divorce sucks!!

Everybody knows that statement to be true. The heartache, the anger, the pain, but I’m finding out that it sucks on new levels long after the paperwork has been signed. 
I believe that one of the reasons my wife ended our marriage was because I had lost my job, I was having a hard time finding a new one, and to her it looked like I wasn’t even trying. I know now that she was thinking out of her own desperation, and I don’t fault her for that. I have forgiven her of that. 
The new pain that I’m finding out about is loneliness in success. Everything I said that I was, and everything that I promised her I would become is all starting to come true. Now that I’m starting to thrive in my professional life and have new successes I never thought I would have; instead of wanting to flaunt it in front of her I’m finding that I am feeling emptiness and sadness because I can’t share it with her. 
Success is amazing, but success by yourself is empty and can cause an increase in loneliness at times. 
At least it has for me.  
Those who know me will tell me you’re not alone you have your daughter. They would be correct, I am blessed to have an amazing 11-year-old daughter. But sharing your success with a child is not the same as sharing your success with an equal and a partner.  
I’ve always believed that one of the saddest scenes in a movie was in “The Pursuit of Happiness” with Will Smith. At the end when he finally becomes a broker and he runs out on the streets he has to celebrate all by himself.  
Also I know that this is the enemy attacking me trying to knock me down in my success; but I also know that had we worked things out and saved our marriage the rewards together would be greater than the rewards alone. 

Please, please, please, please,…….don’t take this post as seeking sympathy.
Quite the opposite. I am writing in hopes that it will help anyone who is going through a hard time in their marriage and is considering ending it. I pray that this will cause them to think twice, three times, four times, five times about not ending it. Please do whatever you can to save your marriage, to make your marriage great, to let your marriage shine for the glory of God.
Because the other side of divorce has so much more pain than you will ever realize while still in your marriage.
You can’t have a testimony unless you’ve gone through a test, and I believe God gives us a testimony in order to help other people.

I pray this small testimony will help someone to make a wise decision when it comes to their marriage and relationships.

Cody Weightman

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