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Through every twist and turn, through every wind and storm, JESUS has been by my side. I can take a deep breath and know that HE is at the wheel and never loses control. Living in a place of absolute TRUST in JESUS is not easy when you’re unable to see the road before you,…


Committing to a relationship without communicating expectations is like accepting a role without a job description!  How will you know how to effectively do your job?  At first, having these face-to-face conversations about expectations sounds transactional and like you are taking the bliss and spontaneity out of the relationship. In reality, it’s giving it more…


I wish I could say that every day of my life has been spent in courage, but I can’t. I wish I could say that my faith has always been Abraham strong, but I would be misleading you. What I can say is that my fear and brokenness are nothing but smoke against the powerful…


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